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Within L3A program, you are offered free business lectures "Wednesdays at L3A˝ and relaxing lectures ˝After work¨. wink See notice.

Oasis of knowledge

Aquilonis provides education and organizes educational activities for their clients and the public.

But Aquilonis also wants to help everyone else who engage teaching seriously and quality.

Many outstanding individuals and organizations would contribute strongly to the expansion and creation of knowledge, if they had support.

Aquilonis provides such support.

Oasis of knowledge is for everyone who do not own:

  • their own space
  • administrative capacity
  • technical infrastructure,
  • need help in formation or assessment of their educational services and products.

You can use:

  • our classrooms (and backyard Smile)
  • our computer, communication and presentation equipment,
  • assistance in the preparation, calling, materials reproduction,
  • assistance in surveying of passers by and processing of results,
  • organization of nutrition,
  • assistance in designing courses and teaching materials, assessment,
  • assistance in recording lectures and making video materials,
  • assistance in designing and producing materials for e-learning.

Take a look at what we offer.

If you have a different need, contact us without any hesitation.

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