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European Innovative Teachers Forum- ITF 2008

European Innovative Teachers Forum - ITF 2008, was held in Zagreb on March 6-8, 2008. Innovative Teachers Forum is an international gathering of teachers who present their innovative examples of using ICT in teaching.

Innovative Teachers Forums are being held since 2004 as a part of the global Microsoft "Partners in Learning" program at the level of individual continents or geographical regions and globally. The "Partners in Learning" program is a global collaboration of Microsoft Corporation with educational institutions and communities and prominent teachers throughout the world. PiL program has been present in Croatia since 2004.

Until now, these kinds of forums in Europe were held in London (2004), Stockholm (2005), Talinn (2006) and Paris (2007). Teachers from the Republic of Croatia participated in all of them.

Aquilonis managed the organization of the European Iinnovative Teachers Forum - ITF 2008 in Zagreb.

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