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No more joy of life in you? Your body is stiff and tired? Just for us such, we created the Oasis of dance and movement (OPIP- Oaza plesa i pokreta). These are not boring exercises nor frustrating dance schols. Not just for the young and skilled. This is for all of us. Well, you have to come at least once. And if you do not have the courage or faith that you will feel comfortable, write us about your desires and fears.

HZTK webinars

ONLINE monitoring of technical culture workshops


The Croatian Association of Technical Culture in cooperation with the Croatian Association of Student Cooperatives and the Croatian Photo Association, during the spring school holidays from the 2nd to the 6th of April, organized workshops on technical culture called "Out of the box".
HZTK has made its new workshops available to more interested students, parents and coaches than it can fit in our classroom, with the latest webinar technology: webcast transmission of the workshop and the possibility for remote participants to participate with their questions and comments! The workshops were intended for girls and boys from the fifth to the eighth grade of elementary school. Our workshops encourage creativity, cooperation and mutual tolerance!
Held workshops/webinars:
Luminous greeting card
Making a light Easter card illuminated by a light emitting diode

Easter eggs
Decorating Easter eggs with different techniques

AIR1 rocket
Making an air-powered rocket
Photo workshop
Shooting with a digital camera
Work exhibition
We present our works to our parents and friends
Workshops were streamed over the Internet using Microsoft Live Meeting technology.
The online broadcast of the workshops took place in the organization
Croatian Association of Technical Culture and the company Aquilonis.


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