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Within L3A program, you are offered free business lectures "Wednesdays at L3A˝ and relaxing lectures ˝After work¨. wink See notice.

Microsoft ITF 2007 , 2008

Competition "Application of Computers in Education"

The competition "Application of Computers in Education" was organized with the aim of representative selection examples / projects applying ICT in education in elementary and secondary schools. 



ITF SNE, May 28 – 30 2007, Zadar

Aquilonis prepared and executed a series of lectures and workshops on pre-accession funds for ICT in Education.


Webinar program "Learning together"

 During 2008/09., we organized a total of 50 webinars to share experiences and knowledge on the application of ICT in education. Lecturers at the webinars were teachers who shared the experience of teaching with their colleagues. Part of the webinars is dedicated to training teachers to use the methodologies and tools needed in their daily work. Webinars were organized within the Microsoft PIL program in cooperation with the Croatian Education and Teacher Training Agency. PIL program in cooperation with the Agency for Nurture and Education.



European Innovative Teachers Forum- ITF 2008

European Innovative Teachers Forum - ITF 2008, was held in Zagreb on 6-8 March 2008. Innovative Teachers Forum is an international gathering of teachers who present their innovative examples of using ICT in teaching.

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