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Knowledge Base

Since 2003, the Government of the Republic of Croatia, through the Ministry of Justice and the State Geodetic Administration, has been implementing the National Real Property Registration and Cadastre Program. Within the project, the Project Implementation Unit has prepared, implemented and achieved more than 400 contracts. It accumulated great knowledge, very important for similar future projects.
Therefore the Ministry of Justice has decided to save acquired knowledge in a base of knowledge for later usage.
Aquilonis led and accomplished establishing knowledge base project.
It is not only one computer program or purely technological solution, but mosaic of programs, procedures and education:

  • digitized archive of the project (250.000 pages in 25.000 documents),
  • established system of document management,
  • collaborative portal (web site for the land registry offices),
  • Internet forum,
  • digitized library,
  • knowledge management seminars.

Free and publicly available computer programs have been used so user didn't have to pay any program or would later pay a license for their use. 

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