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Lighthouses and Stations. Trip to Ithaca

"Lighthouses and Stations. Trip to Ithaca''

Project's partners

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Lighthouses and Stations. Trip to Ithaca. ("Svjetionici i stanice. Put u Itaku.") is a collaboration  project by five EU countries

Project’s name is a metaphor for job hunt caused migrations. At the same time, it's a call for lifelong learning and a second chance for education to all those having problems with labour market or/and modern society inclusion.

Project’s main goal is key skills development:

·        improving communicational skills, both on English and mother tongue

·        ability to actively use information and communications technology

·        gaining entrepreneurial skills

·        implementing transversal skills (learning how to learn)


Activities conducted on the project are related to Europe's cinematography (especially documentaries on the subject of EU migrations), unemployment on the EU area, migrations on the EU area, intergenerational and intercultural dialogue




We are honoured to announce the project’s final event, coming as a result of hard work all project partners invested in this beautiful collaboration:

International Erasmus+ conference




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