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Aquilonis is focused on detection, acquisition, formalization, presentation and dissemination of knowledge.

Oasis of dance and movement

We sit in offices all day, at meetings and transportation.

We move few and poorly, and movement is a source of health and good feelings.

Therefore, Aquilonis created, besides classical education offered to its clients and other services, a special program that can help all employees to remember how pleasant it is to get around, how much satisfaction can be brought by every movement we make, especially along music and in rhythm.

Oasis of dance and movement offers very appropriate activity for everyone. And if by chance you have a need that we do not know of or can not meet, we will do our best to find the right place for you that can and advise you.

Movement and dance are not just for young, talented, women, athletes, former dancers and crackers.

Movement and dancing are there for everyone.

Take a look at what we prepared, come and practice with us at least once. We are confident that you will come again. smiley

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