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No more joy of life in you? Your body is stiff and tired? Just for us such, we created the Oasis of dance and movement (OPIP- Oaza plesa i pokreta). These are not boring exercises nor frustrating dance schols. Not just for the young and skilled. This is for all of us. Well, you have to come at least once. And if you do not have the courage or faith that you will feel comfortable, write us about your desires and fears.

Pisci na mreži

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31st of June 2017 from 5 to 6.30 PM



Guest: Slađan Lipovec


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The 50th writer is behind us and we're still rollin'! :) We're very proud and want to congratulate all the participants so far!
Many thanks to all the writers who were with us... And to Mirela, Miroslav, Predrag, Iva, Marko, Vesna, Valerija, Vesna and each and every indiviudal who was a part of this virtual book club meetings.

Here you can glance through a picture gallery from the 50th Writers on Net meeting!




Video recordings from ALL the meetings kept are free and available on our Youtube channel!


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