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SNE forum

International Conference "Innovative Teachers Forum for Special Needs Education (SNE ITF)" was held in Varaždin from 5-7 July 2007 on the initiative of Microsoft Croatia and  in cooperation with the Agency for Nurture and Education.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the educational community of Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia which were assembled in order to connect, share mutual experiences and to start cooperation in the field of ICT in the education of children with special needs.

Programmatic and organizational unit was created and done Aquilonis for Microsoft Croatia under the "Partners in Learning" program.

For more information users can visit the ITF website for SNE and see the results and conclusions of the event:

  1. Attachment 8 - Conclusions ITF-SNE-Ppal,
  2. Attachment 8.1 - Conclusions ITF-SNE-Ppal,
  3. Attachment 9 - ITF SNE agenda.
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