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No more joy of life in you? Your body is stiff and tired? Just for us such, we created the Oasis of dance and movement (OPIP- Oaza plesa i pokreta). These are not boring exercises nor frustrating dance schols. Not just for the young and skilled. This is for all of us. Well, you have to come at least once. And if you do not have the courage or faith that you will feel comfortable, write us about your desires and fears.

Professional services


Our newest activities in providing professional help include:

  • Helping firms with ''fallen'' projects:

Customer needs analysis, observing and defining the business processes, their description and visualisation, defining the project goal, providing technical help for procurement of goods and services, constructing and implementing solutions, supervising the solutions, education and support for system users, tracking the implementation results and further development planning

  • Consulting process in which we conduct Learning in Context

Through it, we follow the project team so we could notice when a problem arises. Then we organise a short lecture or a workshop for the recognised problem after which the project team can continues its work up until the next problem...

  • Knowledge management

The purpose of knowledge management is sharing the knowledge – in a way that one person’s knowledge becomes the knowledge every member of the organisation in the time of need. We help in the process of gathering, formalizing and dissemination of knowledge, recognising the need for knowledge, looking for the missing knowledge and creating new.



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