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No more joy of life in you? Your body is stiff and tired? Just for us such, we created the Oasis of dance and movement (OPIP- Oaza plesa i pokreta). These are not boring exercises nor frustrating dance schols. Not just for the young and skilled. This is for all of us. Well, you have to come at least once. And if you do not have the courage or faith that you will feel comfortable, write us about your desires and fears.

Graffiti foil

Write on the walls without fear!!! 



Graffiti foil is selfholding itself by static electricity, without glue.
Break on perforations and lean on the wall. Write with markers at will.
You can write with a permanent marker or with those for the white board that can be deleted with a handkerchief.
Removed by simply pulling off the wall. Does not leave marks on the wall. 


Holds on to the plaster, lacquered wood, glass, plastic, aluminum.
It comes in rolls perforated for easy tearing with:

  • 25 sheets of dimensions 600 x 800 mm (A1),
  • 6 sheets of dimensions 1000 x 1500 mm,
  • It is possible to order other dimensions on demand.

By default are white, opaque color, and for the amount of at least 50 rolls can be made in any color and degree of transparency.

Croatian product of an environmentally friendly material that can be recycled.

It is ideal for meetings, brainstorming, planning and children playgame. smiley

Price is 100 kn + VAT per role, for individual orders. For larger amounts we grant volume discount.

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