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Project management

One of the main reasons of the dissatisfaction of people in business is the lack of expected results.

Whether it does not have results or the volume and quality are not in line with our expectations, whether they come too late or cost a lot more than we anticipated, the cause is usually only one: PROCESS of finding out the result was wrong or poorly managed.

When it comes to one-time basis businesses, we talk about projects, and the process of finding out the results of the project is called project management.

If you are preparing a project or is already in progress, and you have one of the following problems, Aquilonis can and wants to help you:

prject     expenses     partners     suppliers / contractors   team members
is late   are growing   change their minds   are late   do not cooperate
does not give desired result   are unknown   not responding   change conditions   are lost
does not have desired quality       work behind   not responding   do not fulfill agreed


Aquilonis helps its customers to obtain desired results in several ways:

  • we lead your projects on your behalf, as if they were our own,
  • we advise you how to run your own projects and solve problems in management,
  • we teach you how to lead by yourself projects for yourself and for others.

Aquilonis can do for you:

  • lead the project, and others will perform,
  • fully take over the conduct and execution of the project.

Take a look at the projects that we have conducted for our clients or are fully performed.

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