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Want to teach others, for your own pleasure or for money? You do not have space? You do not know how to advertise, collect, organize? Not sure you are doing it right? We have created an Oasis of Knowledge! surprise Look!


Education is now an indispensable part of our daily life and work. It is difficult to find a position where almost every day something new should not be learned. However, education does not only happen at schools or at formal courses.

It is learned today from the experiences of others shown on the Internet, printed books and digital materials on handy media or on the Internet, by checking the knowledge with a computer program, video materials, simulations and a variety of other ways of using new technologies.

Aquilonis can help with defining of educational needs, for individual, group or entire organization.

Through the Life Long Learning Academy [L3A], Aquilonis offers a range of traditional quality courses in the area of business and information technology, personal development, but also the ability to create specialized courses for your needs. This education comes in the form of lectures, seminars and workshops at location and time that suits you. We can help you develop a plan of education, monitor the results of education and evaluate the efficacy of investing in them.

Building a system for electronic learning, ie learning with the help of computers and networks is our specialty and we will gladly explore with you how you can optimally use them for your needs. Then we can project and perform them.

In the construction of educational systems Aquilonis strongly relies on opened and free tools, meaning that neither you have to buy them, or pay a license to use later.


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