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Knowledge management

In a knowledge society that we build today, knowledge is the most important asset of any organization.

Knowledge management are, simply put, all of the procedures and infrastructure that allow that the knowledge that exists in the organization, which any employee of the organization owns, be available to any other employee, when he needs it,  if he is entitled.

It also allows duly detection that some knowledge is needed,  that it is not there and how to acquire it.


  Knowledge management consists of:           Knowledge management is achieved through:
  • policy,
  • procedures,
  • culture, traditions and good practice.
  • databases and information services,
  • documentation,
  • education,
  • formal and informal communication between all employees.


Aquilonis can help you from defining policies and procedures, through the establishment of information systems, digitalization of documentation, defining and organization of education.

Our services include:

  • consulting,
  • design,
  • education,
  • programming and maintenance.

In building a system for knowledge management Aquilonis strongly relies on open and free tools, meaning that neither you have to buy them, or  pay a license to use later.

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