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System tools

One of the most important segments of the business organization is information system security. There are many software products on the market that can help increase security of information system. Aquilonis offers to Croatian customers products that are rated as the best in its class, and substantially lower prices than similar products of the same quality.

Hereafter are tools you can try for free and/ or purchase through Aquilonis. Aquilonis provides education and advisory assistance in the installation and use for all of them.


ACUNETIX web scanner is a tool for automated testing of web application security which searches and tryies to take advantage of security vulnerabilities by checking all known web vulnerabilities.


EVEREST technology is used for easy management of IT systems along worry about security of information and generation of detailed reports.


NESSUS is the world's leading scanner of security vulnerabilities. It has a high discovery speed, checks configuration, reveals sensitive data and analyzes vulnerabilities.


LANsurveyor enables automatic discovery of network devices and produces a comprehensive, simple network diagram to keep track of all changes in real time.


For smaller organizations and simpler systems, there are available multitude totally free tools that have similar functionality. For proper selection and their installation and use a little more knowledge is needed. Aquilonis helps its customers to choose and install the optimum free tools, and can teach them to their use. We also offer consultants during the application of these tools.

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